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We're committed to helping you help those you serve be their best at home and at work!

We do this by equipping you with a full spectrum of custom-branded, employee assistance services and resources including engaging content, mobile apps and direct services.  Our customizeable Wellbeing Workplace programs allow you to build the wellbeing workplace program that works for your organization.

Whether you're implementing a full employee assistance program, or you simply need one of our products to enhance your employee assistance offering give us a call at 800-453-7733. We're here to help you bring wellbeing to your workplace and those you serve.

Wellbeing Workplace Program

Amplified Life's Wellbeing Workplace Program equips organizations and leaders with the resources and services to create a Wellbeing Workplace: A workplace where people thrive, collaborate, have fun and ultimately, excel in everything they do. The Wellbeing Workplace program includes, 24/7/365 access, promotional media, monthly account support, guidance from a licensed mental health expert, easy access to an online account portal to track utilization, and savings on professional service fees.

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MindHealth Matters

Amplified Life's monthly, wellbeing news publication, MindHealth Matters delivers interactive wellbeing media to employees. It provides employees with an opportunity to engage in wellbeing tips and resources. MindHealth Matters reinforces wellbeing and engagement in wellbeing resources. Custom branding available.

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Wellbeing Pamphlets

Attractively printed, glossy, full-color pamphlets that educate and engage. Choose from over 100 titles, professionally written and sourced, consistent with DSM-5 and written in an enjoyable and easy-to-understand format. Custom branding available.

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Wellbeing Training

On-Site and Zoom-based training provided by licensed wellbeing counselors and coaches. Topics inlcude practicing mindfulness, coping with stress, overcoming anxiety and others.

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Wellbeing Coaches

Our dedicated team of licensed therapists and qualified coaches stand ready to provide counseling, coaching, consulting and training on-site and via telehealth services.

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