FirstResponse Services

Amplified Life Network is recruiting masters level, behavioral health professionals, including interns and those holding limited licenses to serve as part-time, after-hours, FirstResponse Specialists.  

FirstResponse Specialists provide non-clinical, call and chat based, behavioral health and wellness related support, guidance and coordination of follow-up to organizations and employees.  FirstResponse Specialists do not provide clinical counseling or psychotherapy.

FirstResponse Specialists may work from home, and may elect to work individual or multiple 3 hr, 9 hr, 12 hr or 24 hr shifts.  Current after-hours call volume ranges from 0-3 contacts in a 12 hour (overnight) period. Reimbursement rates at this time are based largely on "being available".  "Being available" means, monitoring the support line and being able to answer a call via cell phone, and / or logging in within a few minutes of being alerted and chatting via a secure chat app running on a wi-fi supported, laptop or desktop.  

FirstResponse Specialists who monitor after-hours call / chat lines maintain their usual sleep / wake pattern, and are alerted to inbound call / chat requests via cell phone routing and audible alerts.  At present, it is not unusual to not receive any calls / chats overnight.  Specialists are paid $5 for every hour of monitoring.  So for example, a Specialist who monitors the overnight call / support line from 9PM to 9AM, 3 nights a week will earn $180 a week (4 weeks = $720 per month).  

Those interested in applying to serve as a part-time, after-hours, FirstResponse Specialist should contact:

Lyle Labardee 616-724-6943