Allie Fennema, LLPC, Limited Licensed Professional Counselor


Hello, I'm Allie Fennema; I am a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor, and I look forward to serving you and helping you navigate life's challenges.  Every day we face situations where we have to make decisions to better our lives and one of those decisions has brought you to seek guidance. Whatever your reason for seeking out help, I would love to join you on your journey to healing and growth.

Counseling and Coaching Approach

I enjoy working with a variety of individuals including children, teenagers and adults.  Some of the areas I specialize in include, anxiety, depression, self-empowerment, body image, trauma, and grief.

Through my experience I have found my passion lies in walking with individuals who have experienced grief and trauma and are longing to process these experiences to grow in their self-worth and changing their outlook on the world. I want to walk with you on your journey to healing as you experience the challenges that different life events have thrown your way.

My main approach is that you, the client, are the expert of yourself and know what your needs are and the tools that will help you get to where you want to be. And if you do not have a full understanding of what you need, we can figure that out together. Being able to help you understand how your brain functions and how it is connected to your body and spirit encourages you to be more attuned to yourself and how you want to grow. I often incorporate cognitive behavior therapy and person-centered therapy to help provide coping skills and tools that are suited to the uniqueness of the client.

Education & Experience

I completed my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Liberty University.  Prior to joining Amplified Life, I served as a counseling intern at Beacon of Hope where I saw a multitude of clients who had come from all walks of life.

In my free time, I love writing music and performing with a cover band that I am a part of as well as going on walks and enjoying a good movie to unwind.

If you would like to schedule an initial session with me, call 616-499-4711 or click the "Schedule with Allie" button below. I look forward to walking with you on your journey of healing and growth.

If you would like to schedule a free, 15 minute introductory consultation  with me, or otherwise schedule a session call 616-499-4711 or click the “Schedule with Allie” button below; I’d be happy to meet with you and help explore next steps.