Teamwork of businesspeople

Teamwork at Work

Teamwork is a necessary part of creating high performing and productive workforces. Successful teamwork creates a collaborative working environment in which employees can rely on each other and consult when difficult or unusual situations arise. Teamwork promotes an all-for-one and one-for-all mentality which allows employees to find resource in their coworkers when they are uncertain how to manage situations. Sometimes it’s not easy to be a strong team player. This can be for a variety of reasons such as differing opinions or views on how certain things should be done, change in policy and/or protocol, personality conflicts, etc. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important for the employees to find a way to work together professionally and productively in order to accomplish the task at hand. Simple differences in personality and work style cannot be enough of a reason to let work output suffer. Being a great team member can aid the team process significantly. Here are some of the elements that make a great team member:

Commitment to the team above themselves
Care for others, be positive and empathic.

Positive contribution to team process and goals
Some team members may be willing to take a back seat. Ask for help, offer your help and support.

Enthusiasm, energy, inspiration, and expertise
Team members don’t only want their leaders to inspire and motivate them, having other team members who are also able to play this role is seen as very positive by most team members. Having a team structure which allows individual expertise and gifts to be understood and productively used by the team is very affirming to team members, and in turn, encourages their contribution.

Willingness to take responsibility for elements of the team’s work
Focus on the team goal – not who is doing what.

Delivering on commitments
Say what you mean – do what you say. Be true to your word.

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